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TBPW Scholarships - Supporting Your Future

Texas Business Women can help provide financial aid as you pursue your education, continued training, certification or added skills. Through our partnership with Texas Business and Professional Women’s Foundation, our Sister Non-Profit Organization, we offer three scholarships for women looking to advance and elevate their career.

Whether you’re applying to college for the first time, or just need some extra training or certifications to get that promotion, client or contract - we want to help you get what you deserve. 

Each scholarship has it's own unique and specific qualifications, but all will require you to provide proof of the financial payment of your educational expense to obtain reimbursement before scholarship amount is awarded. 


Click the link below to be taken to the Texas Business and Professional Women's Foundation Scholarship Website: 

The Hermine Tobolowsky Scholarship

This scholarship is awarded to a woman of academic achievement who wishes to enter the professions of law, public service, government, political science, or women’s history. Ms. Tobolowsky devoted 26 years to lobbying and testifying before legislative committees for equal legal rights. The people of Texas voted for the passage of Amendment 7, the Equal Legal Rights Amendment, on November 7, 1972. On that day BPW members chanted “Oh, Thank Heaven for Amendment Seven.” In memory of Ms. Tobolowsky, BPW Dallas Inc. provided the initial funding to create a scholarship to support women pursuing public policy education. 

The Gilda Murray Scholarship

This scholarship is appropriate for those individuals who desire to continue and/or complete the educational requirements at their current job or in pursuit of a new career.  The scholarship is awarded to a Texas Business Women member who is at least 25 years of age or older to obtain education or training to prepare for employment or to advance in a business or profession. 

The Minnie L. Maffett Scholarship

This scholarship provides financial assistance for a female pursuing a medical education. The scholarship was funded to assist a female who is a 4th year medical student, or seeking her post-graduate degree, seeking a Physician Assistant or Nurse Practitioner Certification, or needs financial assistance for the first year in establishing a Family Practice. Dr. Maffett was the first BPW/Texas President and a BPW/USA President.

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