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Engage with business and professional women across the state and locally as a member of Texas Business Women. 

Membership Benefits

  • Tap into the collective power of professional talent state-wide

  • Connect with professionals, mentors and mentees

  • Receive discounts on state events and annual conference

  • Participate in exclusive personal-development programs

  • Eligibility to apply for scholarships for lifelong education

  • Engage in long lasting professional and personal relationships

Mission & 

The mission of Texas Business Women is to enhance women’s personal and professional skills through technology, networking, and advocacy.

The vision of Texas Business Women is to provide women with the tools to succeed in a competitive and evolving environment.

The continued mission of TBW

Over the many year's Texas Business Women has worked as an organization to confront the challenges of equal participation in civic life. TBW was deeply engaged in working to secure the right to vote; to pass Title IX, offering women full access to education; the right to financial autonomy; and continued advocacy to secure paycheck fairness.


Texas Business Women was a major contributor to fundraising dollars gathered and donated by members and their efforts to create the M.D. Anderson Cancer Research Hospital in Houston. TBW continues to focus their larger fundraising efforts to contnue the support this world-class institution.

Today, TBW turns its attention to the fundamental issue of technology and professional development. Adapting to innovation gives professional women more leverage and greater market value. More women are becoming entrepreneurs and need strong technological skills to succeed. TBW helps women develop the skills they need to excel in their professional and personal lives.


TBW provides the opportunity for women to learn and grow in a safe, supportive environment. This organization supports the efforts of all women from all walks of life.

Welcome to TBW an organization of women, connected. 

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