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Find Your Voice

The Communicating with Confidence (CWC) Program is designed to empower women both professionally and personally. This course will equip you with the skills necessary to excel in public speaking.

Being an effective communicator is one of the most vital skills for success, in any industry. This 6-module course will help you discover your obstacles and guide you through exercises to overcome them. The program focuses on increasing confidence, developing networking skills, and increasing overall personal growth.


This course is a collaboration between past State President, Pat Bell, Educator Marti Cason, and the program committee. It is designed to be presented in a group setting during LO meetings. Only TBW members have access to this program.


How Does it Work? 

CWC is designed to be presented by a program Facilitator. The Facilitator will need to download and review the contents of the Starter Pack by submitting the facilitator form below. 


CWC Program Starter Pack includes the following:

  • Facilitator Welcome Letter, Facilitator Intro Guide, Program Objectives, and TBW History

  • Participant Welcome Letter Daily Schedule, Plan-of-Action, and Membership Application


CWC Training Modules:

Each module is about an hour but can be modified to accommodate local preferences. LO facilitators may present one module at a time or schedule a day to go through two or more of them at once.

The modules are in PDF/PowerPoint format and are protected so the content cannot be altered. You will be able to add pages to allow you to put in your LO name.

  • Module 1: Understanding Your Style – DiSC Profile

  • Module 2: Creating Outstanding Presentations

  • Module 3: Networking

  • Module 4: Collaborative Communication

  • Module 5: Goal Setting

  • Module 6: Prepared Speech Practice and Feedback


Speak-Off Competition

At the conclusion of the CWC program, each LO is encouraged to have their participants share what they have learned by putting it into practice in a friendly "Speak-Off" competition. The winner of your local competition is invited to attend and present at the Annual State Conference against the top performers across Texas. 



Complete the LO Facilitator form for access to the digital documents needed to host the Communicating with Confidence program in your area. All files are stored digitally using Google Drive. You will need to complete the form utilizing a google user account so the files can be shared. 

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